corporate mentoring

One on one private consultations’ are available for people looking to develop greater understanding of their mind and body. This service will be in direct response to identified needs and desired outcomes. Participants will be active in developing strategies that improve health, wellness and effectiveness in work and home environments. These sessions will run for 90 minutes and will be at a frequency that suits clients and operate with identified goals in mind. 

  • Establish complete clarity on what is the status quo and how this was achieved
  • Set a vision to identify the steps to achieve this goal and what distractions need to be overcome.
  • Clarify Mindset, Skillset and Structures required for continual improvement.
  • Develop practical plans for; systematic, methodical and consistent productive behaviours that promote high performance.
  • Balanced life protocols to adhere to.

How engaged are you with your own life?

What are the quality of you relationships like at home and work?

Is your body working with you or against you?

My consultations and courses address the key elements of Wellness for Elite Athletes through to those wanting a better life.

Key Elements include:

Developing an awareness of how you currently feel and how you’d like to improve that state.
Understanding the impacts of stress and pressure and how to make them a positive part of the terrain.
Learn how to achieve clarity in times of adversity.
The impact of mindset of everything you do and how to make it work for you.
Understand the impact of diet.
How exercise really contributes to your wellness

Creating a Better Culture Through Connection

Do you want a more productive, engaged and responsive workplace?

Do you need to be able to embrace pressure and change as a positive force?

Are emotional resilience, constructive conflict and mental fitness assets for your team?

Do people love working in your environment, do you have raving fans and repeat customers?

Our “Emotional & Mental Fitness” education programmes will install behaviours that not only accelerate productivity and growth but also reduce stress related issues.

Our focus is to develop higher thresholds of output through understanding the relationship between mental, physical and emotional balance.

This common sense approach is grounded in practical behaviours that are a daily part of the workplace and not vision statements stuck on walls.